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Simple Changes for a Fashionable Impact!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 , Posted by Mazam at 11:07 PM

Everyone wants to look fashionable and wear stylish clothes, but that can be a challenging task, pecially when you’re on a budget. For the cost-conscious, major style revolutions have to take place over time but there are simple changes to make that can subtly change the effect of an outfit and give it a totally different flair.

Add a few unique accessories that emphasize color and shape, and you may be surprised at the change that slowly becomes apparent. Great accessories don’t have to be expensive and sometimes can be found in the most surprising locations. The best place to start is within your own closet and drawers – there may be the perfect accessory waiting to be discovered!

A fast way to change the feel of an outfit is to turn your collar up. This accentuates your face and creates a nice line down the throat and the center of the body. To give it a slightly retro flair, turn the collar up and force the tips down a bit.

A tremendously useful accessory that doesn’t cost much is the humble scarf. Buy several in different colors and patterns as well as si zes, and you can use them as belts, headbands, accessories for bags, or just to wind around your neck. Scarves with mixes of unusual colors look especially stylish against black outfits. Use a long one to wrap around your neck and leave the ends free with one in the front and the other in the back.  Shorter scarves can be used to tie around ponytails for a stylish yet cute touch or tied around the handle of your bag for a flash of color.

 Earrings are another fabulous way to change up your look without spending a lot of money and are one of the single best ways to create a mood for yourself. Choose a sparkly, dangly pair for a night of fun and you begin to feel festive from the moment you slide them on. Identify the accessories that make you feel good and incorporate each into your daily wardrobe – you’ll be surprised at the flair in your outfit and your attitude!

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